Track day and Devil’s Highway 2021

What a fantastic heart pumping and octane filled weekend. 10 cars left Phoenix heading down to Willcox on Friday. We hit some heavy downpour but we made it in time for trackside dinner at Inde Motorsports Ranch. We celebrated 3 birthdays; Jenn, Eddie and Kacey. The tradition of hanging out in the evening with some drinks and laughs ensued right after dinner.

Day 2 started early with breakfast and drivers meeting. The track went hot at 8am and everyone went on a parade lap, followed by lead-follow. Session 2 was open for folks to run as they please and everyone had plenty of fun and most importantly no accidents. Some folks had a chance to take a private 4-5 lap session with the instructor Jake. Lunch was trackside as well and overall the food was delicious.
We wrapped up at Inde and headed over to Hannagan Meadows taking the Devil’s Highway. There were many obstacles in the form of goats, sheep, turkeys and even rocks on the road from the recent rains. Thanks to Peter Miller for doing to dry run the weekend prior to confirm the road was open as the websites didn’t give us proper confirmation. It was a quick drive up to Hannagan Meadows and everyone settled into the front porch with a fantastic view of the meadows with their favorite drinks.

Day 3 started with us heading north on Devil’s highway and over to Payson for lunch. Quick stop for lunch and everyone was home by 4pm to sign off on a great event. Special thanks to Jenn and Peter for organizing this entire event and also for doing the dry run.