Dyno Day 2021

Our first dyno day on Feb 20, 2021 was a success. 12 cars registered but with the fast turnaround and efficiency at Cordes, we had 17 cars lined up to see what power they were putting down. Weather was perfect and folks enjoyed sitting out in the sun or getting a closer look of the cars on the dyno. Lunch was provided by the club and everyone stayed until all the cars were done. Thank you to our Gold Sponsor, Cordes Performance Racing. The shop, the set up, the crew, everything was spot on.

Some puzzled members with numbers not up to expectation and some very happy members who made more power than expected.
Name: RWHP / RWTQ / Decibel level from 30 ft away / Video Link
Marty B: 500/563/112/https://youtu.be/TX2q7fYDWkI
Anil V: 666/643/120/https://youtu.be/n2ZcbDpDq1U
Len L: 450/506
Jeremy V: 537/530/https://youtu.be/G-1XRcySy6U
Slade S: 651/642/114/https://youtu.be/jkIFeFgaURQ
Jennifer M – race car: 618/585/114/https://youtu.be/DWcBGTfEYuo
Jennifer M – street car: 535/508/https://youtu.be/JRW-r9Tpx40
Eddie M: 490/552/114/https://youtu.be/Y7LjPIbEAik
Dave R – roadrunner: 405/NA/105/https://youtu.be/GAmV_6szBnA
Chuck G: 464/514/https://youtu.be/ybgIos-Zspg
Getulio B: 544/533/https://youtu.be/v889WCZnkNc
Justin A: 547/534/https://youtu.be/w1GhupIUuNA
William C: 530/500
Ned K – map 3 on 91 oct: 1314/1081/https://youtu.be/PPgclZTKG4k
Jim M – M3 race car: 232/232